Be Ye Tranformed Theme- Media On The Brain (all-day event); Sky Zone Trampoline Park after

Be Ye Tranformed Theme- Media On The Brain (all-day event); Sky Zone Trampoline Park after

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The consequences are monumental.  The transformation is subtle.  The case is very easy to make.  The remedy is prescribed.  The application is found difficult and left untried.  The battle is constant.  To those who overcome, the victory is sweet joy!

We live in a media saturated world! Come out and explore this issue and how relevant it is to seeing Jesus clearer and our character. Saturday, Mar 7th @ 11, 2p, 4p, 6p. Full Schedule below.

We see it all around us. Hollywood, popular music, TV, video gaming, spectator sports, e-relationships, and pornography are saturating the lives of God’s professed people. But what does the latest science say about the mind-altering effects of 21st century media? And what is the spiritual agenda in the entertainment and advertising industries?

Scott Ritsema, author, speaker, and teacher at Grand Rapids Adventist Academy, will be presenting Media On The Brain to answer these questions and more. This is the second meeting in Bridge Young Adult Ministry’s Be Transformed series. We hope you can join us for the whole day, but in case you can only come for part, here is the schedule:

11:00 am Transformed by the Renewing of Our Minds
Lunch at the church
2:15 pm By Beholding We Become Slaves
4:00 pm Documentary Film, Captivated
5:15 pm Light supper
6:00 pm How to Escape the Pleasure Trap
6:45 pm DVDs available

8-10 pm Jumpapalooza at Sky Zone Trampoline Park – Canton ($15 for two hours, plus $1 for SkySocks)
Address: 42550 Executive Dr, Canton, MI 48188
IMPORTANT: Please sign the online waiver here ahead of time, or have a parent sign if you are a minor. You are also strongly encouraged to purchase your ticket ahead of time:

For more information about Media On The Brain, you can check out the following facebook page and promo video for Media On The Brain:


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